Dream, design, “I do” … and then live happily ever after.


First Meeting

The first face to face meeting is about getting to know each other.

We discuss your thoughts for your wedding day, touch on format and formality and, the  legal requirements.

Allow approximately 45-60 minutes and we can meet at a cafe or your home.

Second Meeting

We weave your ceremony ensuring it’s designed just how you want it to be on your special day.

This is about you – your vision, ideas, wish list, awareness around family dynamics and,  the words around your vows.

Not forgetting any readings, poems, or music that you may want interluded throughout.

Ceremony Draft

Using the information you shared, I weave a draft of your ceremony that included the second meeting ideas and wishes.  It’s sent to you via email for feedback.   We make the changes as you require.

Wedding Rehearsal

A wedding rehearsal is held at your chosen venue with the wedding party no later than a week out from  your wedding date.  This is an opportunity to practice so as parties are comfortable, relaxed and calm on the actual day.

Wedding Day

I arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your ceremony.  Liaising with other parties involved to  greeting guests to delivering a seamless ceremony through to “I now present you Mr and Mrs” sets the foundation for, a happily ever after.

Post Administration

I lodge the paperwork with Births Deaths and Marriages (BDM).


“We do, again” …


Renewing wedding vows to symbolize the years of heartfelt love together is special.

We meet to capture the essentials; I weave your re-kindled story and share the choreograph with you for feedback and tweak (if necessary); I deliver with impact.

It can be as beautiful as that.


No matter what gender or sexual orientation, I would be thrilled to be part of your special day and help you both create a memorable ceremony that reflects your relationship and the love you both share.