There are many reasons why couples want a registry wedding style ceremony.

As a validated Celebrants Association of New Zealand member (VCANZ), I am able to offer a registry style wedding for you.

The Stages

  • Everything is arranged by phone/email.
  • The wedding is officiated on a week day, and not on a public holiday.
  • The ceremony is standardised to meet the legislative requirements of getting married, which includes the marriage vows and signing the papers.
  • The venue can be either at your residential address, or a venue we mutually agree to.
  • Once the venue is decided, you apply for your marriage licence online, selecting me as your celebrant.
  • The licence is to be obtained 3 working days before the ceremony and confirms it’s legal for you to marry.
  • You need to bring 2 witnesses to the ceremony, they must be able to clearly identify both of you, be satisfied you both consent to the marriage, and understand what’s happening during the ceremony.
  • The space for guests is limited, and other persons may not generally be involved in the ceremony.
  • If the witnesses speak a different language to you, you will need an interpreter. The interpreter has to sign a declaration before the ceremony to say they’ll interpret what you say accurately.
  • Standard vows must be used.
  • After the ceremony, I provide you a ‘Copy of Particulars to Marriage.’ This is not the same as a marriage certificate.
  • I use the second ‘Copy of Particulars to Marriage’ to register your marriage with Births Deaths & Marriages (BDM).


Couples must make application directly to BDM for a registry ceremony.

Fee – $90.00

This is paid prior to the day of the ceremony.

Marriage licence fee NOT included.

This service is available within the Christchurch City environs.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this ceremony option.