Most funerals are conceived and delivered at moments of great stress and under extreme time pressures.

A memorial service – in contrast to a funeral – can often be conducted sometime after the passing of the loved one, thereby easing the basket of present stresses somewhat.

This certainly does not diminish the grief or mourning at the time of loss, and there are many reasons why a memorial type of commemorative service is preferred, versus the traditional funeral.

A memorial service is without a doubt, still a time for the bereaved to be comforted.  It’s foremost paramount.

It is also an opportunity to centre on remembering a life lived.  More and more people are choosing cheerful, upbeat music and poems of inspiration rather than of mourning.  The eulogies may be filled with humour, and a ceremony may stress hope and the continuation of life in the aftermath of loss.

Even when they are focused on the person who has passed, their purpose is to help those left behind come to terms with the ‘void’ and go on with life.

As a Celebrant, it is poignant to capture the essence of your loved one, and then celebrate their life with warmth, dignity and mana.

How does a memorial arrangement work?

  • We meet in person to discuss the memorial arrangements and the eulogy (life story) of your loved one.
  • Alternatively, a eulogy guide can be provided to assist any family member, relative or friend to capture, weave and share the life story.
  • I draft the memorial ceremony.
  • You receive a copy for viewing, amendment where necessary, and approval.
  • On the day, I officiate your memorial service.
    • PA system is available, if needed.

Where can we conduct a memorial service?

A memorial service can be conducted at your place of residence, at a licensed establishment, at the beach or a park, even in a paddock.  Or, at a venue appropriate to your wishes within reason.

What is the cost?

There are different packages available to cater for all types of services.

How do you seek further information and/or discuss my availability?

I can be contacted directly by phone on 027 511 0249, or email at , or by simply completing and sending the form below.

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