Encapsulating a whole life into a precious summary, requires reflective mood and tone focus.

Facilitating a process with consideration at a time of grief toward telling the story, honouring the life and comforting those left behind, is paramount.

Together, we weave the memories to be shared so as to be remembered long after the loved one has been celebrated.

As an independent funeral celebrant and working with Funeral Directors or Crematoriums, I meet with you and your family to facilitate the process of the ceremony or the celebration of life.  To weave a ‘life story legacy’ that captures the essence of your loved one together.  And then, deliver the crafted tribute with dignity, warmth and professionalism.

Family and close friends can participate in the service by way of readings, poems, live music or their own personal tributes and anecdotes. These can be written and delivered personally or conveyed by me on your behalf.

Poignantly, you say goodbye to your loved one in a way that you, and they, would have wished.