“Coaching and mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

Are you a new celebrant and looking for guidance to develop your celebrant profile or practice?

Are you looking for some tools to assist in interview techniques, writing a ceremony or presenting?

Are you looking for direction in efficient administration systems?

Grow You – Grow Your Business

Coaching is a proven way to get you focused on the key competencies to develop a successful business.

Mentoring is a proven way to keep you focused and be held accountable, so you stay on track to successfully achieve your business goals.

I offer a one to one coaching and mentoring programme designed to assist and support celebrants new to the industry, from a business-focused approach.

Coaching/Mentoring Programme Outcomes

•             learn key business aspects of being a celebrant

•             development of professional direction

•             aspire to best practice in our industry

•             improved interpersonal and communication skills

•             increased self-confidence

The Mentee should:

•             be enthusiastic about their celebrant work

•             be eager to learn new things

•             be receptive to feedback and suggestion

•             have a desire to become more accomplished

Coaching / Mentoring programme includes (but not limited to):

•             Coaching / mentoring is via face to face, phone, email, or live chat call

•             Module information handout

Module 1 – New Celebrant Toolbox

Module 1.1:        One-page business plan

Module 1.2:        Creating basic forms

Module 1.3:        Marketing made easy

Module 1.4:        Record and bookkeeping

Module 1.5:        Industry associations and network marketing groups

Module 1.6:        Code of ethics

Module 1.7:        Industry qualifications

Module 1.8:        Ongoing personal development

Module 1.9:        Enhancing your professional edge

Module 1.10:      Cultural diversity & rituals

Module 1.11:      Apps and software to assist the celebrant

Module 1.12:      Managing difficult clients

Module 2 – Weddings Toolbox

Module 2.1:        Process

Module 2.2:        Legal requirements

Module 2.3:        Wedding arrangement questionnaire

Module 2.4:        Successful interview techniques

Module 2.5:        Writing a ceremony

Module 2.6:        Elements of a successful wedding rehearsal

Module 2.7:        Ceremony presentation tips

Module 2.8:        Venue collaboration

Module 2.9:        Post administration

Module 2.10:      Record keeping

Module 2.11:      Customer service

Module 2.12:      Working with couple who reside overseas

Module 2.13:      Using interpreters and translators

•             Attending one mentor wedding service*

•             Attend one mentee wedding to assist the mentee in setting up, observe and then give feedback*

 *Prior approval must always be gained from clients to attend a wedding.

Module 3 – Funerals Toolbox

Module 3.1:        Process

Module 3.2:        Funeral arrangement questionnaire

Module 3.3:        Successful interview techniques

Module 3.4:        Writing a ceremony

Module 3.5:        Customer service

Module 3.6:        Ceremony presentation tips

Module 3.7:        Funeral Director collaboration

•             Attending one mentor funeral service*

•             Attend one mentee funeral to observe and then give feedback*

 *Prior approval must always be gained from clients and Funeral Directors to attend a funeral.


$85.00 per session*

*Session times vary between 40-60 minutes.

*Travel beyond Christchurch may attract a fee.

Education • Knowledge • Experience

Celebrant since 2017.

  • Diploma in Celebrant Studies (The Celebrant School)
  • Validated member of Celebrants Association of New Zealand (VCANZ)
  • Officiates marriages, funerals and a range of other ceremonies
  • Committee member of CANZ – Canterbury Branch
  • Past Business Mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand
  • Past Toastmaster (22 years)

“Coaching and mentoring shortens the learning curve.”